What to Expect (and wear)Edit

It's called an unconference for good reason. It's much more casual, informal, and spontaneous than a typical conference. While there will be a selection of sessions to choose from every hour, it's perfectly acceptable (and not at all unusual) for folks at events like this to spend time in conversation rather than attend an organized session.

This is intended to be a gathering of peers, with the exception of the Council business that we must attend to and have bookended the unconference with (although we have included a traditional public comment period for those not interested in taking advantage of the participatory structure of the unconference sessions). We hope to learn from everyone's own experience in disability and disability advovcacy. We encourage you to bring your prodigious curiosity to the event, and predict that you'll learn as much as you share.

Sessions are usually very interactive and conversational. For tips on leading a Foo Camp session, read Scott Berkun's excellent piece, How to run a great unconference session.

As for what to wear–-go with whatever's comfortable. Bring layers (including a jacket), as the temperature can vary by 30+ degrees in one day, with chilly nights and hot afternoons.

Said elsewhere: get a lot of sleep beforehand. While we may not have access to the venue 24 hours, we expect people to carry the energy of the event and the discussions about their personal passions out for the evening, back to the hotel, or wherever they may go until the close of the event.

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